Disclaimer: This guide was originally written by Andy Reitberger. It has been published here with his consent. If yo want to access the original article you can do it clicking here.

If your game window size is only about 1/4 of your device screen size, please check following fixes.


Image above submitted by ArcadesIndo Games. Thank you!

This issue can be caused by two things (if you are using the latest version of c2 you can directly check the “Check your C2 scaling settings” tab below.

Important: There are several ways how to fix the scaling issue. You can click through them and check if they are working for you.

Update to the latest stable version

Important: This issue should be fixed in the latest beta version of Construct 2 (r211) or higher. If you still get this issue, please check your C2 settings (guide shown in the next tab)

If you have any issues with wrong scaling of Fullscreen, then do following steps.

  1. Export via Cordova
  2. Open the ‘c2runtime.js’ file with an editor of your choice
  3. Search for the following line

and replace it with this one.

Important: Note, that you have to do this after each export until it is fixed by Scirra.

Check your C2 scaling settings

If the issue still appears even with the latest version of C2, please check your settings in C2.


  • Fullscreen scaling: High quality
  • Use high-DPI display: Yes
  • Enable WebGL: On

Also uncheck “Minify Script” at the export window.

Update c2runtime.js

Important: This is an unfixed bug! If you still have the issue that the game is 1/4 of the screen size, please do this after each export.

Open your c2runtime.js file and search for “this.canvas.height = Math.round(h * dpr);”. Then add into the if condition “|| this.isCocoonJs” (see code below).