Getting Started

Articles to help you during your first step with Cocoon How to create an account, delete a project, etc.


Activate¬†encryption for a project To enable the encryption for your project, just set a key manually or generate a random key using the key generation button. Once a key has been set, just click “Save” to enable encryption and set the key. You can now compile your application and all your code and assets will […]


Each platform requires different settings and files for configuring signing keys. Android Required elements to add a new Android signing key: Title: (required) A title for the new key. Alias: (required) A name you will use when you sign your project. Certificate password: (required) Keystore file: (required) A binary file that contains a set of […]

Developer App

The developer app is a mobile native app to ease the development and debugging process of a Cocoon project. This application is created in the project settings and it will have the same configuration as the project has at that very moment: plugins, icons and splashes and preferences. It will allow the developer to test […]


Once you are logged in, you can access the user profile by clicking your name in the top right corner of the screen. In the user profile, there are three¬†main tabs: profile, billing and signing keys. Profile At the user profile tab, it is possible to configure the following information: Username: (required) Used when login […]