Getting Started

Articles to help you during your first step with Cocoon How to create an account, delete a project, etc.


Activate encryption for a project To enable the encryption for your project, just set a key manually or generate a random key using the key generation button. Once a key has been set, just click “Save” to enable encryption and set the key. You can now compile your application and all your code and assets will […]


Each platform requires different settings and files for configuring signing keys. Android Required elements to add a new Android signing key: Title: (required) A title for the new key. Alias: (required) A name you will use when you sign your project. Certificate password: (required) Keystore file: (required) A binary file that contains a set of […]

Developer App

The developer app is a mobile native app to ease the development and debugging process of a Cocoon project. This application is created in the project settings and it will have the same configuration as the project has at that very moment: plugins, icons and splashes and preferences. It will allow the developer to test […]


Once you are logged in, you can access the user profile by clicking your name in the top right corner of the screen. In the user profile, there are three main tabs: profile, billing and signing keys. Profile At the user profile tab, it is possible to configure the following information: Username: (required) Used when login […]

Project configuration

Once a project is created, it is possible to edit and configure its special settings directly at the cloud. Clicking the name of the project or the settings button in the card of the project will open this project detail page. Just under the zip dropping area, it is possible to distinguish five different configuration tabs: […]

Preparing your project for Cocoon

As you probably know the new Cocoon cloud is based on Cordova and this means that your project structure must be compliant with Cordova but don’t worry, we have made an effort to abstract you from the Cordova internals as much as possible so you only need to use the Cocoon configuration UI and the […]

Creating a project

You can create new projects easily from the projects dashboard. You will se a “card” with four options for creating projects: Zip file This is probably the option that you are going to use more. You just need to drop a zip file in the dotted area and it will start uploading and create an app when […]

Creating an account

You have several options for creating accounts in the Cocoon cloud. Username and password Classic one. Just fill the signup form and provide a valid email address an a password. you will be able to change your password later from your profile configuration. Google You signup using your google account. The Google account dialog will show asking […]


I guess most of you wonder why to bother making a new cloud service when you already have one. We have been developing CocoonJS cloud during three years. When the CocoonJS cloud was started the HTML5 ecosystem was in an early stage and there weren’t many cloud services for building HTML5 apps to native. At that […]