Tutorials to accomplish certain behaviours in your applications for the Cocoon cloud service.

How to build HTML5 apps with GooCreate and Cocoon

Goo Create lets you make HTML5/WebGL games and VR experiences quickly and easily. Take a look at the following tutorial about how to build HTML5 apps with GooCreate and Cocoon:

Canvas+ Native Screenshot Share Extension

Disclaimer: This guide was originally written by Geograman. It has been published here with his consent. If yo want to access the original article you can do it clicking here. I would like to introduce a small extension which enables you to take and share screenshots natively in a very simple way. Does only work for Canvas+ at […]

How to make an exit dialog (Android)

Requirements cordova-plugin-dialogs Steps Create a listener for the backbutton To create a listener for the backbutton you don’t need any plugin. Cordova allows you to listen to a series of events that you can see listed here. Add this snippet anywhere in your code where you want to create the listener. This is the listener. […]