Webview engines

Articles about the different webview engines and their features and differences

System webview

Introduction System Webview provides a complete HTML5 webview engine. It is the default webview of each device. It has full DOM access and low footprint. However, the performance of your project might be affected. In addition, the behavior of your app might vary slightly from one device to another as the System Webview is not […]


Introduction The Webview+ is aimed at developers that need good DOM support and a stable platform to work with. For developers using canvas or WebGL, our accelerated canvas solution, Canvas+, is still much faster and fine-tuned for high-performance, graphics-intensive apps, and that’s what we still recommend for high-paced games. The Webview+ for Android is a […]


Introduction Canvas+ is a webview engine that allows you to execute your JavaScript HTML5 applications on mobile devices. It not only accelerates the performance of the game but also allows you to access native device features. Although it runs plain JavaScript, there is no support for the entire HTML5 API. Canvas+ is perfectly tuned for […]

Webview engines differences

The webview engines, previously known as environments or runtimes, are the elements in which an application packed using Cocoon is running. Currently, a developer can pick between three webview engines: Canvas+, System Webview and Webview+. Depending on the nature of your project, some of them will be more suitable than the others. Except the system […]