If your project in the old CocoonJS cloud was a Construct 2 project, there are some things that you need to take into account before compiling it in the new Cocoon cloud.

New Construct 2 plugin

The new Cocoon cloud uses a new Cocoon Construct 2 plugin. To successfully export to the new Cocoon cloud, you need uninstall the old CocoonJS Construct 2 plugin and install the new one. Take a look at this guide for the whole process.

Cordova export

To export for the new Cocoon cloud you no longer need to export for the “CocoonJS” platform, you have to export for “Cordova“. You have a complete guide about how to compile your Construct 2 application in Cocoon here.

Full guide

Please take a look at the Construct 2 Cocoon guides for more information about how to compile a Construct 2 project in Cocoon, how to use the Cocoon plugins and troubleshooting.