Disclaimer: This guide was originally written by Andy Reitberger. It has been published here with his consent. If yo want to access the original article you can do it clicking here.

If you feel ready to publish your game, just follow the steps below. We guide you through the complete process.

Google Play developer console

If you want to publish your game in the Google Play Store, what we recommend, you need an account there first.


What you need to open an account:

  • A credit card (a prepaid card like kalixa works, too)
  • At least 25$ credit on your card (one-time fee!)

If you need a complete guid how to setup an account, visit the help page from Google.


Once you have an account you can start adding your game.

What do I need to publish my app?

First of all, of course, your App. After every built with CocoonIO you will get an email with a downloable file (.apk). This file is your game and need to be uploaded to your Google Play Developer Console.

But before you upload your game to the store you must ensure that you have signed and aligned your game file (.apk). We told you about that a few steps above. If you have uploaded your key and activated it, then you should be fine.

Differences between debug and release keys

For debugging there is no need to pre-sign your game. The compiler automatically signs it with a debug key. This is fine for testing, but you cannot upload a debug-signed apk file to Google Play. So for publishing your game you need to add a key to your CocoonIO Proifle.

If you don’t want to add your key to your profile you still can sign your game afterwards. There is a great tool doing that for you.

IMPORTANT: If you sign your game afterwards make sure that you use the ‘-unsigned.apk’ file. A file signed with two diffrent keys cannot be uploaded to the store, too.

APK Signer


You will need at least

  • An icon (512 x 512 px, PNG or JPG, alpha allowed)
  • A header (1024 x 500 px, PNG or JPG, no alpha allowed)
  • 3 screen shots of your game (any resolution)

Upload your app to the Google Play Store

Add new app

If you are signed in, click on ‘Add new App’.


Then a little window appears where you need to enter a name for your app (can be changed later).


Basically it’s up to you if you start with uploading an apk file or creating the store page. We started with ‘Prepare Store Page’.

Prepare the store page

Fill out and upload all needed fields and graphics. When you are done click on ‘Save Draft’ in the upper right corner.

Upload your apk file

Navigate to the ‘APK’ area (use the menu on the left side).


You will find three areas where you can upload your game file.


If you upload your game at the PUBLISHED tab your game will be listed directly in the store and will be accessible to all users. This is NOT recommended for new games! Even if you think your game has no bugs, there are some reason why you should upload your game first in BETA or ALPHA. We come back to this later.


If you upload your game at the BETA tab it will be only visible for you and a chosen group of beta testers. How you can add a beta tester will be explained later. The game will be then only visible in the store to you and the beta testers. We recommend you to upload your game in BETA first.


The ALPHA phase is similar to the beta test. The only different, as far as I have figured out, is that only you as developer can see and test the game in the store.

So choose the BETA tab and click “Upload first APK-File in Beta“.


Select your signed and aligned apk file and confirm the dialog.