Disclaimer: This guide was originally written by Andy Reitberger. It has been published here with his consent. If yo want to access the original article you can do it clicking here.

If you build your games with CocoonIO it’s recommended to remove the old ‘CocoonJS’ plugin from your project and to replace the events and actions with the one provided by the new plugin.

First download the new Cocoon plugin for Construct2 from here:


If the download was successfully unzip the package. The plugins are located in the ‘…/src/’ folder. The content should be…

  • ads
  • cocoon canvas+
  • inapps
  • share
  • social

In each of this folder there is another folder. Enter each folder and copy this folder to “…/Construct2/exporters/html5/plugins/…”. Make sure Construct 2 is close before copying the plugins.

Then open Construct 2 and check if all plugins are available now.