The Webview+ is aimed at developers that need good DOM support and a stable platform to work with. For developers using canvas or WebGL, our accelerated canvas solution, Canvas+, is still much faster and fine-tuned for high-performance, graphics-intensive apps, and that’s what we still recommend for high-paced games.

The Webview+ for Android is a uniform webview engine on any Android 4.x device based on Crosswalk. Webview+ for iOS is a webview engine that provides a replacement for the UIWebView that includes the Nitro JS engine based on the WKWebView.


  • HTML5 API is fully supported: WebAudio, CSS, DOM UI elements, …
  • Good performance
  • It is a full browser
  • In iOS it is light weight as it is included in the same device.


  • Performance is not as good as in Canvas+, specially noticeable at startup
  • In Android it takes around 20MB to include this webview engine.
  • Only supports Cordova as content origin for iOS. The Content URL setting must point to index.html in your settings.


You can debug your applications running in Webview+ following these steps:


Note: You have to install the debug APK to be able to debug the Webview+.

  • Follow the instructions to enable remote debugging in your Android device:
  • Open your the Developer App and launch your app using the Webview+
  • Open a Chrome browser and go to chrome://inspect/
  • Click on the app you want to inspect and the Chrome Developer tools should be opened


For the Webview+ to be debuggable make sure that you don’t build an XCArchive (not a signed API). Download it and double click on the XCArchive file. When prompted about how to export theXCArchive, select “Save for Development Deployment“:

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.58.03


Then install the IPA, launch the app and:

  • Connect your iOS device to your Mac computer using the USB cable
  • Go to Settings -> Safari -> Advanced and enable the “Web Inspector”
  • Open you Developer App and launch your app using the Webview+
  • Open A Safari browser and go to the “Develop” menu. You should see the connected device there
  • Select the application and the Web Inspector should be opened

When to use it

For application that target wide range of devices.


  • It is possible to use plugins inside Webview+ as long as they are supported by Cordova 4.0.x.