Can I use SSL Websockets in Canvas+?

Canvas+ only supports regular Websockets but you can use the Webview forwarding API to use the Webview Websockets SSL capabilities from Canvas+.

Take a look at this thread to learn more.

What is Cordova?

Cordova or Apache Cordova is an open source Apache project that has become the de-facto solution to create hybrid apps. You can learn more about Cordova here.

Which benefits does Cordova report to my projects?

Extensibility. Cocoon has been traditionally an ad-hoc solution for creating hybrid games. This led to complex updates and limited capability to extend the platform. Relying on Cordova brings automatic compatibility with all the existent Cordova plugins.

What is the Cocoon version?

Cocoon is now built on top of Cordova. Cocoon has its own version, and corresponds with different Cordova version. Current Cocoon is based on Cordova 5.0.0 command line interface. It’ll evolve with the time, for sure 😉

What is the config.xml file?

The config.xml is the soul of the new cocoon. This file determines the plugins to be installed, the configuration and version of each plugin, and the resources for the project: splashes, and icons.

The config.xml can be edited directly from the cocoon site in either two ways:

  • Setting the config values using the Settings and plugins tabs
  • Editing the config.xml file directly from the config.xml tab

Our recommendation is to use the raw editing as less as possible, since it’s more error prone.

What is multidex and why am I getting that error?

Multidex issues normally happen when you have added many plugins into your project and easily recognizable because of this error log:

You have a deeper explanation of why this happens here.

Avoiding this error is as simple as enabling and option you can find in the Android settings:

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 22.38.49

Just set that to Yes and you shouldn’t get any more Multidex issues.